Bedding On The Future™

You know the saying “Everybody needs a mattress?” Well, it’s true. So often we forget that sleeping is what we do a third of our lives. The average human being now lives well into their 70′s equating to a lot of time spent in bed. Whether you’re on vacation, away to school, join the military, stay overnight at a hospital, visit family or friends you will sleep on a mattress other than your own. Pillows are another needed item in the realm of sleep unlike mattresses, that should be replaced no more than every seven years, a pillow should be replaced every two.

Currently the world population is in excess of 7 billion and growing, so its safe to say the need for mattresses and pillows is mandatory and the business of creating such products extremely lucrative. The market for bedding products has been characterized in recent years by a renewed focus from consumers on comfort and technology-driven products. A rebounding economy and housing market, coupled with increasing disposable income, including the emergence of the Millennial generation, has further strengthened the mattress-manufacturing industry in the United States.

MFB Worldwide, Inc., is an innovative Southern California based manufacturer and textile corporation that is positioned to take full advantage of this burgeoning market and capitalize on every branch of the industry. MFB has done this by structuring it’s subsidiaries as fully- functional companies to work separately and collectively to strengthen and support the parent corporation. We are a multi-faceted, innovative and diverse, exceeding the normal scope of a manufacturer offering a more stable and well-rounded portfolio.

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