Majestic™ is the manifestation of hardwork, patience and artistic craftsmanship with over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in the bedding industry. Our three distinct mattress lines showcase our creativity, ingenuity and desire to produce satisfying sleep options.

Fast Foam™ is the textile division and supply arm of MFB, provides bedding parts to its subsidiaries and other companies within the industry who share the belief a great product starts with a great foundation.

Buttercup Baby™ is our exclusive brand of organic healthy baby products. We have developed a unique line of specialty mattresses for infants.

RECOIL™ will maintain MFB’s desire and commitment to social responsibility by increasing awareness and importance of recycling in the global community. Recycling mattresses creates job opportunities nationwide and preserves the environment for generations.

Kerv Technologies™ is the research and development division of MFB Worldwide. Where we create, fund and implement exciting new environment friendly technology enhancing the comfort and quality of all our bedding products. Our innovative technologies is what separates our brands from other products out on the market.