MFB Worldwide is a global manufacturing and textiles corporation. The company supplies, manufactures and markets mattresses, pillows and other sleep products. Uniting a distinguished heritage and future revolution, MFB is the parent company of Majestic Mattress®, Fast Foam®, Buttercup Baby®, KERV Technologies® and RECOIL®. Built in the United States to be an industry leader of innovative sleep products and bedding solutions for the entire family. The front runner in technology and environmental strategies we believe that giving back through non-profits to better society is our most tangible asset.


To be the global leader of bedding products, sleep solutions, supplies, innovation and recycling. Utilizing all of our assets to deliver the best product for our customers. We make a consistent commitment everyday to help people rest better, share the importance of investing in a quality mattress that will encourage a healthy sleep routine with brands dedicated to enhancing our customers lives.